3 – Transactions and purchases

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Transactions and purchases

Tutorial #3

Now that you know how to purchase and receive messages from virtual numbers, it’s time to talk about the “Purchases” and the “Transactions” tabs, where you can get an overview of the transactions you’ve made, as well as view, activate, re use, and extend your virtual numbers.

Short-term numbers purchases

To get started, go to your dashboard and click on the “Purchases” tab on the left menu.


You will see a dropdown menu. Here, you can get an overview of either your short-term numbers or your long-term numbers.


Click on “Short-term numbers”. You will be redirected to an informative table that looks like this:


Each of the items on this list is a short-term number you purchased. There are separate lists of purchased numbers , and they depend on the country you select – US or UK – on the top menu.

In this overview, you can see:

  • Date: shows the date and time you purchased the virtual number.
  • Expires at: shows how much time is left before the number expires.
  • Phone number: shows the phone number you obtained when making the purchase.
  • Service: shows the service you selected to verify with the number.
  • Amount: shows how much was discounted from your balance when you purchased your number.
  • Canceled: shows whether you canceled (or not) the operation after you bought your phone and while you were waiting for your verification code to arrive.
  • Reported: shows whether the number was reported (or not) during the operation.
  • Active: shows whether (or not) you are currently waiting for the phone number to receive a verification code.
  • Action: if you click on the three dots, you will see a dropdown menu with the options “Re use” and “View”. With “Re use” you can use the number again to receive another verification code for the same service. In “View” you can see the messages you received on the phone number.


Long-term numbers purchases

To see your long-term numbers purchases, go to your dashboard, then click on “Purchases” on the left side menu, then on “Long-term numbers”. As with short-term numbers, there are also two different lists that depend on whether you select the US or the UK.


The list contains the same information as the short-term numbers one, with the addition of:

  • Available: shows whether (or not) the long-term number is available for use.
  • Action: the dropdown menu shows three options: “Extend“, to make the number available for a longer period), “View”, to see the messages you received, and “Activate“, to make the number active if available.


On the “Transactions” tab, you can track your purchases and balance recharges, as well as download a PDF report. To see your transactions, go to your dashboard, then click on “Transactions” on the left menu.


Once you’re there, you’ll see an informative table that looks like this:


On this table, you can see:

  • Id and Payment Id: show the identifications of the operations you made.
  • Date: shows the time when the operation was made.
  • Payment method: shows which method you used when recharging your balance.
  • Type: shows what kind of operation was made, either the purchase of a number, a cancellation or report during an operation, or a balance recharge.
  • Comment: a description of the operation.

Finally, the button at the bottom of the table allows you to download a PDF report of all the transactions made at the time. If you want to keep a permanent record or print your transactions, then try this out.

And that’s it! To sum up, you can keep track on all of your numbers on the “Purchases” tab and all of your operations on the “Transactions” tab.

If you want to change the credentials of your account or get some help from us, take a look at our Change your email/password or contact us tutorial!

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