Is VoIP the best option?

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Is VoIP the best option?

Making decisions can be frustrating, and at certain times, a hard task. There are many factors to take into account: benefits, risks, costs, good and bad consequences… Therefore, the best way to guarantee that the right decision is being made is to do research that allows us to better weigh our options.

Remote communication has become more important than ever. That is why it is important to choose a system that suits current needs and remains viable and useful in the long term.

VoIP communications have become one of the most powerful tools in telecommunications. This technology has gained a lot of popularity among individuals and businesses for the revolutionary opportunities it offers. Experts consider adopting this phone system as one of the smartest decisions we can make. But, what makes this technology so special?

Introducing virtual telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, internet telephony or broadband phone service, is a cloud-dependent communication system. This platform allows placing phone calls through an internet connection instead of a physical one, as landlines do.

Broadly speaking, the operation of the VoIP system is quite easy to understand. Calls are converted to digital signals that are transmitted through the broadband connection to a VoIP provider, which is responsible for transmitting them to the corresponding telephone carrier.

Evaluating VoIP benefits

With a large percentage of our interactions now occurring remotely, it is currently more critical than ever to have a communication service that allows us to be efficient and productive. Evaluating what are the benefits that we would obtain from a particular option can greatly influence the decision we make. Let’s discover what the advantages that can be enjoyed by having a virtual telephone service are.

Reliability: no stress

After two decades of development and evolution, VoIP systems are characterized by their total reliability. Due to its internet-dependent nature, this technology can handle heavy call volumes without crashing. Likewise, it is less likely to be out of service due to weather, power outages, or wire-cutting.

VoIP telephony will work adequately as long as a strong and stable internet connection is available. However, if the internet were to fail, it is always possible to route the incoming calls to a cell phone and use a data connection while the network is down. The efficiency of this communication system remains intact even at times when there is no electricity or internet service, ensuring that it is always available.

Flexibility: the power of decision

Due to its high degree of adaptability and customization, virtual telephony offers users the opportunity to choose the options that best suit them and have a system adapted to their needs.

Worried about physical limitations? Users can choose between two types of numbers: Fixed and Non-Fixed. The former, also known as VoIP numbers, are associated with a specific address. By purchasing one of these, individuals can choose the area code that best suits them. This is very convenient for businesses as it allows them to expand their reach without having to open physical offices in a specific area. On the other hand, Non-VoIP numbers, also known as Non-Fixed numbers, are related to phone lines that are not attached to a physical address. Since they are not tied to a particular geographic location, they are perfect for travelers who want to stay in touch during the trip or businesses with a divided workforce.

Since VoIP technology is based on open and universal standards, this system can be used with a wide variety of devices: laptops, tablets, conventional and conference telephones, computers, and smartphones. This wide diversity of options gives individuals and businesses greater reach to the system and allows them to stay connected no matter where they may be.

One of the most interesting and distinguished features of VoIP systems is that they can do much more than just receive and make phone calls. This technology offers numerous fascinating and useful features. This amazing diversity allows users to enjoy a more dynamic system, which greatly improves their communication process. By purchasing a virtual phone system, users can enjoy more than forty features such as mobile and desktop apps, video conference, call routing, anonymous call rejection, text and multimedia message, call analytics, dynamic call routing, and many more. The vast majority of providers offer feature-specific plans, but it is common for users to be allowed to customize their system with the options they wish to have.

In turn, VoIP systems can be used temporarily. This allows users to give it a try or use it for a specific task without the need for a long-term commitment, while still getting all the benefits. The quality SMS verification service that we offer at Major Phones is the perfect example of this. Thousands of clients around the world purchase our temporary Non-VoIP numbers to verify their accounts on various platforms. In this way, they can enjoy the advantages of using virtual telephony for a particular activity without having to incur in large expenses.

Maintenance: guaranteed for sure

VoIP systems are a very user-friendly option. Due to its design, this telephony tool is very easy to install and configure: all that is needed to be done to start working is to connect the system to the internet network. Since the infrastructure and hardware needed to support this system is very small, this technology is low maintenance and rarely requires professional support.

Low costs: keep within budget

Reducing expenses without compromising quality is one of the greatest achievements to which someone can aspire. When using a VoIP system, this is guaranteed. It is hard to believe, but despite its many features and benefits, VoIP telephony costs a fraction of what a traditional system does. This communication tool turns out to be more accessible since there are no costs associated with infrastructure, hardware, maintenance and long-distance calls. VoIP is a budget-friendly and cost-effective telephony.

Making the choice

VoIP is an innovative technology that gives us freedom. It has radically changed the way we communicate and has positioned itself as the most viable telephone system at present and for the immediate future. Adopting this telephone system can be extremely beneficial due to its versatility and appealing characteristics. Go ahead and see this yourself!

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